Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

sad ;(

“walaupun cinta tak sempurna menghampiri ku seketika, ku ingin kau tau betapa rapuhnya aku, kau tak tau betapa rapuhnya aku di situlah sang luka di masa lalu. ku pernah mencintai sepenuh hati,namun cinta itu hadir, dan ku terluka, luka membekas, bekas membuat, buat selamanya, selamanya ku, ku kan selalu, ku kan selalu rapuh”

19 januari 2008

"This evening I just get a gold wing is very beautiful, and you can make me fly high to see the scenery so beautiful, but a moment later I should be ready to feel the pain that is acute when the wing was damaged and I fell from a height of quite high."
This night is the night that I always wait, wait, that night there are always beautiful in my dream, to spend the night with you for dating or just dinner and watching the movie. the 4-year dream that always comes in always me a beautiful night, and today that dream become a reality. I love you too big for, and I hope you as well. This is a very beautiful night, and hopefully the next day is also beautiful. this day I have to see beautiful scenery fly with you, and I hope you will never let my hands, so that we can be equally fly higher to see a more beautiful scenery.